Exciting News from YouTurn

Executive Team/Equipo Ejecutivo

Wow, after more than a year of planning, YouTurn is up and running.  In August 2016, the YouTurn Board of Directors made the awesome decision to hire a veteran director of non-profits, Cecelia Creighton, MA.  Cecelia brings 30+ years of proven administrative, financial and executive leadership skills to YouTurn.  

Cecelia hit the ground running.  Her first order of business – identify and hire the remaining members of YouTurn’s leadership team.  Three skilled and seasoned individuals were identified, Joshua Howell, Executive Assistant, Stewart Giddings, Operations Director and Judith M. Hill, Program Director.

Setting up the infrastructure of a new organization is no small feat, but together the YouTurn Leadership Team got it done.  Non-profit status? Complete.  Service-delivery model?  Developed.  Program policies and procedures, performance measures, data tracking tools, collaborative agreements? All complete!

YouTurn celebrated its biggest accomplishment – outreach staff were onboarded! At the beginning of February, they officially began working with adolescents and young adults, ages 12 to 24 years of age!  

After a few short months, the YouTurn Leadership Team, supported by our Board of Directors, is poised to create opportunities for young people to break the cycle of violence and poverty so they can lead productive lives in our community.