YouTurn was founded as a strategic organization focused on suppression, intervention and prevention strategies to deter violence among adolescents and young adults, 12 to 24 years of age.  YouTurn helps adolescents and young adults move away from violence as a preferred option to handle conflict. Young people are resilient.  With the right support, they can and will chart a course of personal success and achievement.

YouTurn is pleased to expand upon the work that began in Omaha, Nebraska more than twenty years ago.  YouTurn believes that effectively reaching young people requires a collaborative effort between youth, parents/guardians, schools, community-based service providers, law enforcement and other key stakeholders.


YouTurn utilizes evidence-based strategies and programs designed for at-risk adolescents and young adults. Our team maintains a visible presence in the neighborhoods and schools most impacted violence. Through strong, effective collaborations, YouTurn provides adolescents and young adults with opportunities to “turn their lives around” and seek opportunities for success through:

  • Mentoring and advocacy
  • School accountability and GED programs
  • Employability skills building and training
  • Job placement services
  • Individualized Risk Reduction Plans that includes referrals for needed community-based services
  • Wellness services to include mental health/behavioral health screenings and referrals for other healthcare services