YouTurn Participants Praised By Community


On Saturday, August 5, 2017, YouTurn (YT) staff participated in the Native Omaha Day’s parade. YT Outreach Worker, Margie Chavez, invited three of her program participants to help pass out candy and YT Program information.

After a rainy, but fun-filled morning at the parade, Margie took her three participants to Pepperjack’s Grill for lunch. When Margie asked the neighboring table to take a picture of the group, the husband at the table noticed the YT T-Shirts and asked Ms. Chavez to tell him more about YT.

After Margie gave a brief overview about YT and its mission, as well as the dedication the three participants showed at the parade, the man (a local construction company owner) gave Ms. Chavez a $100 bill. He asked that she distribute the money between the youth, as a way of acknowledging and thanking them for making great decisions.

The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, is just the latest example of the generosity of individuals in Metropolitan Omaha.

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