YouTurn employs a team of dedicated professionals that are committed to meeting the needs of the youth and families that we serve.

CECELIA CREIGHTON, Executive Director

Cecelia Creighton brings more than twenty years of experience as an executive and administrative leader of for-profit and non-profit organizations in Nebraska and Iowa. Her proven executive, governance, finance and administrative leadership skills lead to the unanimous decision by the YouTurn governing board to appoint Cecelia as YouTurn’s Executive Director.

Cecelia is tasked with providing leadership, guidance, staffing, fund development and overall program management for YouTurn. She works in conjunction with the YouTurn governing board to assure the successful development and implementation of programming that aligns with the YouTurn mission, vision and strategic plan. Cecelia is a native of Omaha, Nebraska. She holds a Master of Arts in Management and a Bachelor of Science in HealthCare.

Cecelia loves to spend time with family. Her favorite sport is bowling.

STEWART GIDDINGS, Operations Director

Stewart Giddings, a native of New York City, overcame the obstacles of the street and gang lifestyle as an adolescent. His “second chance at life” began with his decision to relocate to Omaha, Nebraska. Bringing 15 years of service to our youth and adolescents in various capacities. As the YouTurn Operations Director, he holds a Masters degree in Business Administration. Stewart directs the day-to-day services provided through the YouTurn street and school outreach staff. Since he started his position with YouTurn, he has shared his passion for supporting youth in identifying alternatives to gangs and violence at several conferences and seminars around the city of Omaha.

As a husband and father of four, Stewart enjoys sports, mentoring and volunteer coaching.

JUDITH M. HILL, Program Director

Judith M. Hill is a native of Omaha, Nebraska with 30 years of experience working with local non-profits. As the YouTurn Program Director, Judith is responsible for creating a collaborative community-based service model, anchored by the utilization of evidence-based strategies, designed to support positive behavior change for YouTurn program participants, 12 to 24+ years of age. She coordinates the outreach and case management services provided by YouTurn’s school, street and women’s violence prevention teams. She is a Fellow with the Health Research & Educational Trust American Hospital Association.

JAMES E. HUNTER, Community Initiatives Director

James E. Hunter has worked in the human service field for the past 30 years. He attended Metro Community College, UNO and graduated from Grace Valley Theological Seminary with a Masters in Theology.  James was appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council to serve as a member of the Human Rights and Relations Board. He is a member of the Omaha NAACP.  James and his wife pastor a local church.  He also serves as host of local gospel radio program. 

James has two daughters, five step children and six grandchildren.  He enjoys playing golf, traveling and watching movies.

RON SMITH, Street Outreach Case Management Supervisor

Ronald Smith, aka Chaplain Pastor Ron (CPR), was born in Chicago on the west side in Ogden Courts.   Like many young men living in Chicago, as a young adult, Ronald was drawn to the excitement and the intrigue of the streets.  The decisions that he made as a young man, lead to his eventual incarceration. It was in the county jail that he chose to embrace the ministry and to become a positive “change agent” in the lives of anyone he encountered. 

In 2005, Ronald and his family relocated to Omaha, Nebraska to expand his work in the ministry. Ronald served as the Douglas County Youth Center Chaplain from 2006-2011. As the YouTurn Street Outreach Case Management Supervisor, Ronald’s vision is to see young people move away from violence as a method of resolving conflict. Ronald Smith has been married for 22 years to his lovely wife Nikol, and they have raised four children.

GEORGE DEVERS, School Outreach Case Management Supervisor

George Devers is a native of Omaha, Nebraska with more than 10+ years of experience working one-on-one with at-risk adolescents and young adults. George made a conscious decision in 2008 to focus his outreach efforts on working with young men in school, after school and street settings. His enthusiasm for working with youth lead him to expand his commitment to become a volunteer with several local youth programs. As a mentor, coach and advocate, George is dedicated to utilizing his experience to help guide young men identifying positive alternatives to gangs, gang violence and other at-risk behaviors.

George is a father of three. He enjoys spending time with family and playing basketball.

TYLON HARBOUR, Street Outreach Case Manager

Tylon is a native of Omaha, Nebraska.  He attended Northwest High School.  He graduated from Pine Ridge Job Corps in Chadron, Nebraska.  Tylon furthered his education by attending Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, and Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Tylon is no stranger to youth violence, gangs and/or the negative affects these activities have on youth.  He has experienced firsthand the loss of family and close friends to gun violence.   His desire to help adolescents and young adults move away from violence as a means of resolving conflict, lead him to apply to become an Outreach Case Manager with YouTurn. Tylon is committed to helping YouTurn share “the cure” for violence with youth, and Metropolitan Omaha.Tylon is married and has two boys.