The Solution

We believe that youth violence is a key indicator of the health and well-being of our community.  

Diseases Spread

Violence, like many diseases, spreads from person-to-person.  The daily toll that youth violence exacts in neighborhoods too often remain hidden from view.  Homicides, targeted shootings and random shots fired threaten the health, safety, security and welfare of those that are commonly not thought of as being victimized, such as witnesses, neighbors and the community at large. 

Violence is more than a law enforcement problem. It is a major public health issue.  Like many contagious diseases, it spreads from person-to-person. Our approach to violence prevention is different. We treat it like a health condition.  

YouTurn utilizes the evidence-based Cure Violence Global Health Model to stop the spread of violence by using methods and strategies associated with disease control:

Disease Control Strategies

  • Detect and Interrupt Potential Violence Conflicts   

  • Identify and Treat Highest Risk   

  • Mobilize the Community to Change Norms and Join the “Movement”

Using a science-based epidemic control approach, violence can be reduced to fewer and fewer events, and this will be the next great achievement of science and public health. The sooner the better.

Gary Slutkin, Founder and CEO, Cure Violence Global