Our Approach

At YouTurn we offer highest risk adolescents and young adults one-on-one outreach and case management that promotes violence prevention,  conflict resolution and long-term behavior change.

Programs and Services

At YouTurn our “cure” based in the concept of outreach – the act of raising awareness and extending services to highest risk adolescents and young adults that might not otherwise access the services.  A key component of YouTurn’s outreach activities is that staff are not stationary, but mobile. 

Our staff reach out into neighborhoods and schools most impacted by youth violence to provide the following programs and services:

Violence Interruption, Intervention and Suppression

When violence occurs, YouTurn staff work to reduce the possibility of further violence.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Sometimes, it just takes a third party to help resolve a conflict. YouTurn staff are approved State of Nebraska Mediators.

One-on-One Case Management

YouTurn staff support youth in developing individual Risk Reduction/Violence Prevention Plans that guide their work together. The plan gives youth ownership of the process and the outcomes of their work with YouTurn.  Community referrals are a huge part of how YouTurn supports behavior change.

Outreach to Adolescents in Schools

YouTurn staff partner with area schools to provide mentoring and advocacy.

Outreach to Youth in the Community

YouTurn staff are accessible and available.

Community Engagement

YouTurn sponsors, organizes and participates in community events, violence prevention rallies and forums to promote a strong message of violence prevention.  YouTurn staff distribute public education throughout the community to raise awareness and to convey the message that violence is not acceptable.

Education and Training

YouTurn staff offer Individual, family, group, community and service provider training, workshops and presentations.

Hospital Trauma Response

YouTurn staff work closely with two area hospitals (CHI Health and Nebraska Medicine) to provide support and information to families following an incident of youth violence.

We Also Offer:

Women’s Violence Prevention (WVP)

YouTurn is a part of a larger community effort to help women stay safe and reduce instances of violence against women, with a particular focus on young women living in the YouTurn Target Area.  YouTurn WVP Advocates focus on meeting the needs of women impacted by youth violence, sex-trafficking and/or intimate partner/domestic violence.

1 in 4

At lease 1 in 4 women are victims of severe violence from a partner at some point in their life.

Violence that exploits adolescent and young adult women share risks and consequences associated with intimate partner violence, sexual violence and gang violence.  Victims include all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, citizens, non-citizens, and income level. Consequences can be immediate and long term. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention